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Construction Hoist Overview
Our building hoist payload capacity is as much as 8000kg, lifting speed can reach up to 96m/min, and the erection height reaches up to 450m, beside the normal type, our company has also designed and manufactured specialized hoists for construction of special building, such as curve, slope, twin mast, large tonnage and small size industrial building hoist and so on, We put the quality of products the first place all the time. We import reliable electric components from Europe. The steel structure is semi-automatically, gas protected welding shaped. The mast section can be steel painting or dipping zinc. At the mean time, the cage size can be designed according to customers need.
We have normal building hoist, frequency conversion building hoist, small size hoist, curve building hoist, twin mast building hoist, and so on.
1.Speed: from 36m/min to 96m/min
2.Cage: one cage or twin cage
3.Rated load. 1000kg to 8000kg
4.Lifting height: 30m to 450m
5.Size of cage: according to customers need
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